COBRA Show Creator Versions

To ensure that COBRA is providing the most stable version of the Show Creation software there are always two versions of COBRA Show Creator software available and easily accessible.

The first and most stable is our conveniently named Stable Release. This branch of Show Creator will be running a thoroughly internally and publicly tested version of the software. This version is accessed by going to

Secondly is our BETA branch. This version of the COBRA Show Creator will have the newest features but may have a bug or two. This version is accessed by going to

While the BETA branch is internally tested before being made public not everything is caught by our team. That is where you come in. The BETA version of the software is designed to test the newest features and we rely on your feedback on how it's working. From within Show Creator, you can use the in-app chat or our various feedback and bug reporting tools found in the help section to let us know how your experience is. We can then take this feedback to make the software even better before pushing the update to the Stable Branch.

You can easily switch between the two branches of software by clicking the "move to BETA" or "move to production" in the top right section of your screen when using COBRA Show Creator. 

Additional support is always available via email at


COBRA Show Creator Stable Releases

1.5.0 - (Current Build 2024.7.10.1)

Version 1.5.0 initially released on November 2nd, 2023

New Features
  • Introduced an enhanced My Fireworks and My DMX Effects UI, offering improved usability with improved search capabilities, secondary column sorting, and reordering of secondary columns.
  • My Fireworks can now be managed from the COBRA Portal, including the new ability to bulk update and import My Fireworks.
  • My Firework Collections have been added to allow for the ability to organize your My Fireworks into different groups.
  • The ability to drag and drop a My Firework and My DMX Effect from their respective UI sections onto the Event Table or Waveform to insert a new event has been added.
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Minor bug fixes.

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Incremental Build Updates

Build 2024.7.10.1 - Released July 10th, 2024
  • Fixed an issue where Autoplay extensions would freeze the UI upon first load.
  • Fixed an issue where the COBRA Support chat widget icon was covering the right edge of the volume slider.
  • Improved the Find and Replace feature to allow for special characters.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a My Firework or My DMX Effect onto the waveform would result in that event not being highlighted during playback.
  • Minor UI improvements when dragging and dropping My Firework or My DMX Effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the My Firework and My DMX Effect drag and drop UI was not properly being removed from the UI.
Build 2024.5.23.1 - Released May 23rd, 2024
  • Implemented an experimental fix for an issue where a few users were unable to download the audio file of their shows from the Export Menu.
Build 2024.2.5.1 - Released February 5th, 2024
  • Added support for editing the hour place in the event time editor.
  • Improved the Waveform Event Drawers Hovered Event UI to include the hour place when needed.
  • Fixed an issue where after duplicating a show, and then editing its show date from show settings, it would update in show settings but not update in the My Shows UI.

Version 1.4.0 initially released on August 18th, 2022

New Features
  • Introduced an all-new report designer. This allows users to fully customize their reports including the definition of columns, grouping, sorting, combining, filtering, and more. You can also share reports via PDF or an interactive URL that allows end users to view and manipulate the report on their own. The new reporting feature works with both PYRO and DMX shows events.
  • Revision history is now saved locally for each save with the ability to be uploaded to the cloud by a support agent.
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Added the ability to change sort direction and sort criteria in MyShows.
  • Improved importing of script .csv files by supporting "#@firmwareX.X.X" line.
  • Included new event table empty state saying suggested by users.
  • Improved show's custom column editor in Show Settings, including adding the ability to rearrange the order of custom columns.

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Incremental Build Updates

Build 2023.5.10.1 - Released May 10th, 2023
  • Added the ability to choose how many events get inserted at a time. Learn more here.
Build 2023.5.8.1 - Released May 8th, 2023
  • Fixed an issue where feedback and bug reports would not be submitted if the report form was opened, closed, then reopened before submitting.
  • My DMX Effects are now loaded at the same time as My Fireworks instead of around 60 seconds after the initial load.
  • Improved the performance of inserting My DMX Effects into events.
  • Fixed an issue where if a user used the insert above/below feature to insert an event, then edited or deleted the event that was used to insert above/below, the inserted event would move out of chronological order in the events table. This only affected editing, and the event was sorted correctly on script export.
Build 2023.4.13.1 - Released April 13th, 2023
  • Fixed an issue where not all custom fields of a firework will show in the Report Designer.
  • Implemented support for COBRA Portal subscriptions, making the primary activation method for COBRA Show Creator subscriptions, resulting in license keys becoming a legacy activation method. All previously purchased license keys will still continue to work and can be used to activate accounts.
Build 2022.12.5.1 - Released December 5th, 2022
  • Fixed an issue importing a show with custom columns not removing new line characters until after the first save.
  • For non-audio shows, the waveform will no longer reload each time after adding a new event unless the calculated show length has increased.
  • Updated remaining help article links to new URLs.
Build 2022.9.20.1 - Released September 20th, 2022
  • Fixed issue with My Show's show date showing one day early in some time zones.
  • Minor wording change for offline login modal.

Version 1.3.1 initially released on February 8th, 2022

New Features

  • Creating a new show without audio now prompts the user to enter an estimated show duration. This allows the waveform to better represent the needed length of your show. If you need more duration, it can be updated from the Show Settings. Also, the waveform will automatically increase in one-minute increments if an event’s duration runs longer than the end of your estimated show time. Previously, all shows defaulted to a 30-minute waveform that was not easily expandable.
  • The Event Time Editor is reworked with new features and aesthetic updates. We combined two previous options to allow the user to select no delay, or add a delay after the previous event’s duration. Changing an event to STEP or Alternate is also faster by only requiring one action instead of two. Lastly, both the Current Time and New Time are shown for more visibility into the change that is being made.
  • Added the ability to edit multiple event’s duration and event types. Selecting multiple events and right-clicking reveals a new action, Edit Selected. This new option allows the user to change more than one event to have the same duration, set a delay after each event, shift all events, or change all events to STEP, Alternate 1 or 2.
  • If you wish to automatically assign event times to multiple events based on their firework duration, you can select multiple events and choose the "delay after the previous event ends" option. For example, by entering all events in your show as STEP events, you can use this feature to quickly assign the event times in order based on event duration.
  • Added a Find & Replace feature. Users can access this feature by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/CMD + F while on the event list. This feature allows users to quickly find events, as well as individual or bulk, replace fireworks and DMX effects with items in your My Fireworks/DMX Effects.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Bulk Import Fireworks now accept a wider range of category names to make importing easier.
  • The Pyro/DMX visual indicator and DMX universe columns now show in the SMPTE player.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SMPTE Player from showing on the left navigation bar in rare cases.
  • Added a notification email when changing your email address.
  • Various wording changes and spelling errors were fixed.
  • Fixed a display issue with Comment rows not formatting correctly on DMX shows.
  • Fixed the Custom Column formatting issue in My Shows.
  • Fixed a bug where STEP event manual confirmation was being skipped during playback.
  • Updated Keyboard Shortcuts window to include new shortcuts for editing events, exporting shows, and various shortcuts that can be used in the Event Time Editor.

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Version 1.3.0 initially released on July 20th, 2021

New Features

  • 6.0 Firmware Support. Users can now choose 6.0 firmware when creating a new show or updating an existing show.
  • Added DMX Support. Users can now script Pyro Only, Pyro & DMX, and DMX Only shows. The cue table columns have been improved to support DMX shows.
  • Added custom fields in My Fireworks. We added the ability to add/edit an unlimited number of custom fields on My Fireworks.
  • Added ability to drag and drop ALTERNATE events. We added the ability to drag and drop ALTERNATE events in the cue table just like STEP events.
  • Added waveform cue drawer drag and drop support. Users can now drag and drop an event's duration indicator below the waveform to change the event's time.
  • Expandable total events breakdown. There is now an expandable total events breakdown that lists how many Cues, DMX, ALTERNATE, STEP, and Unassigned events are in the show.
  • Support for pasting event rows from CSC. Copying and pasting the whole event row(s) between windows or shows is now supported.
  • Duplicating Multiple Events Support. Users can now select and duplicate multiple events.
  • Improvements to Multiple Events Support. The event time editor got a small update to make changing an event's time easier, faster, and less confusing.
  • Added default silence audio files to allow users to use them in their combined audio file creation.
  • CSC will now format uploaded audio files in accordance with COBRA's recommended audio settings.
  • Added Undo option to cue table context menu (right-click menu).
  • Added new My Firework categories

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Improved firework names in exported script (.CSV) files.
  • Lift and Pre-Fire times can no longer be added to ALTERNATE events now.
  • Improvements to zooming in/out of the waveform.
  • Fixed a few minor STEP issues.
  • Fixed a minor even time rounding error on export.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial was overriding the selected audio file for users shows.
  • Fixed issue with My Shows section showing an incorrect show date due to timezones.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from adjusting the column widths in the cue table.
  • Improved error handling with Undo/Redo actions which prevent CSC from getting stuck loading changes.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating the cue table cells using up and down arrow keys broke on COMMENT events.
  • Fixed an issue where Time Since Last Cue was sometimes not the correct value.
  • Fixed a cue table sorting issue that affected cues that were inserted above/below ALTERNATE cues.

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Version 1.2.1 initially released on December 28th, 2020

  • Fixed the drag and drop import show feature as this was not functioning
  • Fixed an issue whereby the last page cue labels were misaligned for large scripts
  • Fixed an issue where pressing on an event line above a comment line would not progress to the next event or comment line if editing a firework name
  • Fixed total cue count at the bottom of the event list to exclude comment events. Hovering over total cues displays a breakdown of a number of cues, alternates, and comments.
  • Fixed SMPTE player event list issue where wrong cues were highlighted when moving the show backward to an earlier position
  • Fixed Ctrl/Cmd + z hotkey undo feature not working properly when a script contained comment events
  • Fixed Ctrl/Cmd+ Shift+ z hotkey redo feature not working properly in some cases



Version 1.2.0 initially released on November 16th, 2020

SMPTE Support


SMPTE Audio Player
  • Play/pause/stop/skip timecode audio in real-time
  • Select audio output source
  • View full cue list with color-coded indicators for firing and fired cues
  • Disable timecode for quick testing of sound system

Add SMPTE Timecode to Audio Files

  • Choose between None, Left, and Right audio channels
  • Automatic conversion of the audio channel to mono, add timecode to the selected audio channel
  • Cloud storage and processing, no high-end CPU required for audio processing

Combined Audio Files

  • Select multiple audio files into a list to create a single audio file, no Audacity is required
  • Rearrange the order of audio files after they are created
  • Combined audio files support adding SMPTE timecode

5.1.x Support

  • Support for all 5.1 features including script comments
  • Right-click on an event to convert it into a comment

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Version 1.1.0 initially released on October 20th, 2020

  • New My Shows screen
  • Enhanced STEP based scripting features
  • My Fireworks enhancements
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Version 1.0.0 initially released on April 28th, 2020

  • Initial public release of COBRA Show Creator

COBRA Show Creator BETA Release

Currently, there are no new features being tested on the BETA version of COBRA Show Creator.

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