How to Access COBRA Show Creator (BETA vs Stable)

To ensure that COBRA is providing the most stable version of the Show Creation software there are always two versions of COBRA Show Creator software available and easily accessible.

The first and most stable is our conveniently named Stable Release. This branch of Show Creator will be running a thoroughly internally and publicly tested version of the software. This version is accessed by going to

Secondly is our BETA branch. This version is accessed by going to While the BETA branch is internally tested before being made public, not everything is caught by our team. That is where you come in! The BETA version of the software is designed to test the newest features and we rely on your feedback on how it's working. From within Show Creator, you can use the in-app chat or our various feedback and bug reporting tools found in the help section to let us know how your experience is. We can then take this feedback to make the software even better before pushing the update to the Stable Branch.

You can easily switch between the two branches of software by clicking the "Switch to BETA" or "Switch to Stable" in the top right section of your screen when using COBRA Show Creator. 

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