COBRA Show Creator My Fireworks Categories

COBRA Show Creator My Fireworks feature supports a wide array of both consumer and professional firework types. When adding fireworks to your My Fireworks database using the bulk import feature, it is important to add the correct category tag to ensure Show Creator correctly categorizes your fireworks.

The following 'safe names' should be used on your Bulk Import CSV in the category column in order to have the firework correctly linked to Show Creator's pre-defined categories.


Safe Name

Display Name

module_cake Module (Cake Slice)
fan_cake Fan Cake
zipper_cake Zipper Cake
cake_200g 200g Multi-shot Cakes
cake_350g 350g Multi-shot Cakes
cake_500g 500g Multi-shot Cakes
w_cake W Multi-shot Cakes
v_cake V Multi-shot Cakes
noab_cake N.O.A.B Cakes (9 on a Board)
cakes Multi-shot Cakes
1.75in_shell 1.75" Shells
2in_shell 2" Shells
2.5in_shell 2.5" Shells
3in_shell 3" Shells
4in_shell 4" Shells
5in_shell 5" Shells
6in_shell 6" Shells
8in_shell 8" Shells
10in_shell 10" Shells
12in_shell 12" Shells
16in_shell 16" Shells
mine Mine
missiles Missiles
comets Comets
artillery_shells Artillery Shells
roman_candle Roman Candle
rockets Rockets
single_shot_tubes Single Shot Tubes
flame_pot Flame Pot
fountain Fountain
gerb Gerb
strobe_pot Strobe Pot
wheel Wheel
novelties Novelties
firecrackers Firecrackers
laterns Lantern
parachutes Parachutes
smoke_bombs Smoke Bombs
assortment Assortment
burst Burst
line_rocket Line Rocket
punk Punk
waterfall Waterfall
girandola Girandola
lance Lance
ignitor Ignitor
fuse Fuse
other Other
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