How to Add Fireworks to My Fireworks List

Adding Fireworks to your My Fireworks List in COBRA Show Creator allows you to quickly assign Fireworks to your created events. There are three methods for adding Fireworks to your My Fireworks List. You can add manually using our Firework Creator, add from the database on, and bulk import from your own resources.

Add Manually

1. To add a Firework manually using our Firework Creator, simply click on the Add button in the Fireworks Section of Show Creator, and select the Add Manually option.COBRA-_Show_Creator_-_Add_Firework.jpgCOBRA-Show_Creator-Add_Manually.jpg

2. A new window will open called Create New Firework, which will allow you to enter key details about the effect you are adding to your database.


3. Enter your Firework name and a brief description of the effect in the Prominent Info section.

4. You can enter more about the firework that you'd like in the Details section, including Duration, Lift time, Number of Shots, Cost of the firework, etc.

5. You can enter a YouTube URL or Video ID to provide you with a visual of the effect in the Video section. You can also add an image of the Firework in the Image section.

6. You can add a Custom Field to include any additional information you'd like to have available when viewing the Firework.

7. Once you've included all of the necessary information about the Firework, you can click on the Create button in the top right of the window to add the new Firework to your List.

Add from

1. To add a new Firework from the database, click on the Add button in the Fireworks Section of Show Creator, and select Add from


2. This will open a new tab in your browser, taking you to the WikiFireworks website, where you can search from the world's largest online consumer fireworks database.


3. You can search for a specific Firework Name, and you can filter results by Brand, Category, Country of origin, and Regulation.

4. Once you've found a Firework you would like to add to your List, click on the Add to my Fireworks button in the Search Results list, or click on the Firework Name to open the listing. The information in the Firework listing on will be transferred to the listing in your My Fireworks List as well.


Bulk Import

1. Using the Bulk Import tool allows you to add a number of Fireworks at the same time. Click on the Add button in the Fireworks Section of Show Creator, and select Bulk Import.


2. Another tab will open in your browser, which will have a sample .CSV file which you can use as a Template for creating your own Fireworks list.


3. Once you've created your Fireworks list to be imported, you can click on the Choose a File option to select the file from your directory, or drag the file into the highlighted box to upload your file. Click on the Import Fireworks button to upload and import your file.

4. You will see the added Fireworks now appear in your My Fireworks List.


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