Multiple Scripts, Clearing Scripts and Alternate Firing

This support document will outline some of the common questions COBRA gets in terms of scripts on the 18R2 controller.

Can I load more than one script into the 18R2 Controller?

Yes, you can load multiple scripts into the 18R2. However, there are some limitations. See How do I create and load multiple scripts into the 18R2? for more information.

How do I clear scripts from the 18R2?

To clear scripts from the 18R2, hold TEST and SYNC simultaneously for 10 seconds. Both the TEST and SYNC button will blink, and 00 will show on the top 7-segment display when the scripts have cleared. Restart the controller.

What is Alternate Firing?

COBRA introduced the alternate firing event in firmware version 4.0; this functionality allows you to define alternate events in your cobra.csv script file. An alternate firing event is a specific channel and cue combination you wish to fire to produce "filler" in a black sky situation. For more information on alternate firing, see What is an alternate firing event, and how do I use it within my script?

What is Script Comments?

Script comments were introduced in firmware 5.1 and the purpose of script comments is to provide an informational reference when both scripting and firing your show using the COBRA Control Panel. For example, you may include a comment in your script to indicate the start of your finale. Comments are displayed in your script and also within the Control Panel when the show is firing. They can be used for both informational references and instructions to the operator. To learn more about using the script comments feature please see How do I use the script commenting feature?

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