What is Scripting?

Scripting is the process of creating/designing your show in advance. When planning your display, you will typically create a single script with a single soundtrack, if you are designing a show with music.  COBRA supports 1/100th of a second accuracy with hardware B and can support firing unlimited channels and cues at the same time. Currently, COBRA supports a maximum number of 3,600 events (200 channels x 18 cues) in firmware version 6.0 or higher and 1,800 events (100 channels x 18 cues) in firmware version 5.1 and lower. For more information on firmware versions, see Understanding Firmware Versions.

COBRA supports three different types of scripts: Timed Event, STEP, and STEP/Timed Event.

1) Timed Event Scripts

Timed event scripting allows you to pre-plan your entire show and fire it automatically with a single press of a button. There is no limit on the number of cues or the number of channels you can fire simultaneously within a hundredth of a second resolution. Just press one button, sit back, and watch your show.

2) STEP Scripts

STEP scripting allows you to pre-design a manual show using excel, COBRA Show Creator, or an integrated third-party software. This type of script simplifies execution by allowing a single button press for each event. A step script enables an operator to bounce between modules, fire different cues, as well as fire multiple modules and cues simultaneously. STEP scripting is beneficial because it allows the exhibitor to watch the show and see when specific cakes or effects finish before executing the next event. Just press the STEP button each time you want to fire the next pre-planned event.

3) STEP/Timed Event Scripts

Step/Timed event scripting combines manual firing intermixed with sequences executed by pressing the STEP button through each event. This feature is excellent for adding chases/timed sequences to a STEP script, for instance, and adds a level of professionalism to the show. This method can also be used to add pauses between sections of timed event scripts. For example, the operator wants the script to pause between songs to allow for smoke to clear or for a specific effect to finish.

For a complete list of sample scripts for your firmware version please see: Example Scripts.

Disabling Firing on Individual Module and Groups of Cues

COBRA offers a few options for disabling general firing, individual modules, and groups of cues across modules while your script is running. See Can I disable all modules or specific cues from firing while my script is running?

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