Loading your Script from the USB drive to the 18R2 Controller

To load your script from the USB drive to your 18R2 Controller please complete this process.

  1. Place the USB thumb drive into your 18R2 while it is powered off. 
  2. Power on the 18R2 and allow the 18R2 to run through the startup sequence
  3. After the 18R2 has finished the startup sequence, you will see the red LEDs momentarily circle the top 1-18 cue LEDs. If you have a small script, this may happen very quickly. 
  4. Once the script is loaded, you will see all 18 LEDs display green momentarily. 

Once the green LEDs turn off, the 18R2 will show a red LED on any channel/cue combinations that are in your script. The red LEDs are normal; when testing continuity, this is a feature that will let you know if you have a cue missing continuity in your script. 

If the 18R2 displays all red LEDs momentarily followed by error codes, then there are errors within your script. For more information on resolving error codes in your script, see the COBRA Error Code Reference Guide.

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