Create and Load Scripts to the 18R2 Controller

Scripts are created using a computer software program that generates a COBRA compatible script file. You will save the script file to a USB drive, and then insert the USB drive into the 18R2 Controller. The 18R2 loads the scripts from the USB drive and saves them to the 18R2. The 18R2 will retain these scripts even if powered off or if you remove the batteries. When loading new scripts into the 18R2, the old scripts are erased and replaced with the new scripts. For more information on using scripts with the 18R2, please see the 18R2 Controller User Guide; Scripting.

COBRA offers a few options for creating a script. These options include the COBRA Show Creator, Microsoft Excel, and integrated 3rd party solutions, such as Finale 3D. 

  • COBRA Show Creator - If you are new to scripting, or are designing small to medium-sized shows, COBRA Show Creator is our suggested solution. The COBRA Show Creator software provides an easy to use interface for creating your display. The program includes built-in error checking, show reporting, firework labels, and more. Also, if you are designing a show to music, the software has an integrated waveform for quickly placing events at specific musical points. COBRA Show Creator is a web-based program that operates in an online and offline mode within a PC or MAC environment and includes all updates and support. Please see our COBRA Show Creator product page for pricing and more information. 



  • Finale 3D - Finale 3D is a show design software that includes powerful visual choreography, among many other features that allow for efficient design of mid to larger-scale shows. Finale 3D offers a backyard edition as well as a professional version. For more information, please visit 


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