Re-Firing Cues and Pulse Times in Scripting

Re-firing of cues is when a cue on a module fires multiple times during your script. A variable pulse time is when you control how long that cue is on. For example, you may want channel 01 to fire at script time 1m30s for 3 seconds and at 1m52s for 10 seconds, etc... depending on your firing requirements. These functions are only supported in firmware 6.0 or higher.

 Re-firing and variable pulse time functionality is not supported on 18M Hardware A.

Re-firing and variable pulse times are used commonly when controlling devices such as flame projectors, cryo jets, and other SPFX hardware devices. Please note that while COBRA also supports direct DMX integration for common SPFX applications such as lights, flame, and cryo. See Introduction to COBRA DMX for more information.

Firmware Versions

Re-firing and variable pulse times have varying support across firmware versions. We recommend using firmware version 6.0 or higher in order to re-fire cues and vary pulse times.

In firmware version 6.0 or higher, COBRA supports the re-firing of cues and variable firing pulse times for unlimited channels and cues within the first (primary) script in the COBRA script file. Any scripts beyond the first script do not support variable pulse times, however, they do support re-firing of cues with a maximum of no more than two channels firing within any 0.4s time window. This limitation is due to the 18R2 firing the script in real-time vs. uploading the script into the modules in advance which is performed in the primary script as noted above.

In firmware version 5.1 or lower, COBRA does not support any variable pulse times but does support the re-firing of cues on any script beyond the first (primary) script in the file the same as 6.0 noted above where you cannot fire more than two channels in any 0.4s time window.

How to Re-Fire Cues

To re-fire cues, it's simple. You just add another event to your script that fires the same cue and channel combination.

How to Set Pulse Times

To set pulse times, you can perform this by setting column F in Excel, entering the Pulse Time column in COBRA Show Creator, or using the Duration column in Finale3D. Acceptable pulse time values are between 0 and 20s and can be down to 1/10th of a second. For example, 10.1s.

Please make sure to select firmware version 6.0 when creating or exporting scripts via any script creation software such as COBRA Show Creator and Finale3D.

By leaving the pulse time blank, the module will fire according to its individual e-Match or Talon/Clip-on Igniter mode setting.

For example, using COBRA Show Creator, you can enter the Pulse Time for each event. This can also be set within the script format of any .csv file created by Excel or other text editors.


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