18M Lipo Calibration Process

If you have recently purchased a lipo upgrade kit for your 18M a calibration needs to be performed. An 18M lipo calibration is performed using the COBRA Wireless Programming software. This software can be downloaded here.

Calibrating 18M Using the COBRA Reprogramming Software

1. Install the lipo upgrade and fully charge your LiPo Battery before performing the calibration on your 18M.

2. Launch the COBRA Reprogramming Software.

3. Select the Other Features tab.

CRS homescreen - other features

4. Select the Calibrate an 18M option in the menu.

select firmware screen

5. Select the Firmware that your 18M is currently running.

6. Place 18M into program mode by holding down SYNC while powering the module on.

7. The Reprogramming Software will scan for the 18M. Once it has found the device, you will see it listed on the screen. Click Next to proceed.


8. The Reprogramming Software will automatically Calibrate the 18M. Click Next when the Calibration is complete.

9. The Reprogramming Software will scan again for the device, in order to Re-upload the correct Firmware onto the 18M. Once it has found the module, click Next to proceed.

10. Click Next when the Upgrade is complete, and verify that your 18M is now back on the correct Firmware, and is displaying the correct Battery Level.



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