Technical Specifications


Physical Construction & Power


  • 20.92cm x 16.43cm x 4.16cm (with no protective options)
  • 23.55cm x 19.0cm x 4.16cm (with bottom protective boot only)
  • 23.68cm x 190cm x 8.139 (with bottom and top boot)
  • 27cm x 25cm x 12cm (with armored case protective option)


Backlit fire-retardant silicone

Enclosure Material

Impact-resistant and fire-retardant ABS


3 x Alkaline 9V, 14.8V 900mAh COBRA LiPo, or 12-24 External DC Power

Battery Life

36 Hours Active, 108 Hours Sleep Operation

Charge Time

6 hours from P0 to P9

External Power Option

12-24 External DC Power



+5 dBm 8.5" Omnidirectional Rubber Duck Antenna

Radio Compliance

FCC CE, IC certified (ID: U90-SM220)


2.4 GHz Channel 4

Range without MESH Technology

500m (1,650 ft) direct line of sight range w/ built-in link quality detection

Range with MESH Technology (5.0.0 or higher firmware)

+450m (1,500 ft) per device (up to a total of 10 hops per device)


IEEE Mac Address / Encrypted Data / Multi-layer Security Protocols

Cues & Firing 

Number of Channels

200 (firmware version 6.0 or higher)

100 (firmware version 5.1 or lower)

For more information on firmware versions, see Understanding Firmware Versions.

Firing Accuracy

1/100th second

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