Set Firing Module Channel

You can set the firing module to any channel between 00 and 199 in firmware version 6.0 or higher, and 00 to 99 in firmware version 5.1 or lower. Using the Controller, you can fire any firing modules set to the same channel. For example, to create a simple 36 cue system, you can use one Controller and two firing modules. Set the first firing module to channel 00 and the second firing module to channel 01 by pressing the CH + and CH - Buttons.

Note: The 18M has bump protection in place on the CH+ and CH- buttons. This protection requires you to hold down the CH+ and CH- buttons for about ½ seconds before the channel will change. This prevents a user from accidentally changing the channel in the field when operating the unit.


To fire the first 18 cues (cues 1-18 on channel 00) set the controller channel to 00 and fire the cues using either the manual, step, or sequence firing methods (see Firing). To fire the remaining 18 cues (cues 1-18 on channel 01) set the Controller channel to 01 and fire the cues using one of the three available firing methods. You can also step-fire and auto-sequence fire between channels (see Firing).

To fire cues on multiple firing modules at the same time, you can set multiple firing modules to the same channel. For example, this may be used to fire two streaming comets from either end of a display or to fire multiple identical cakes to create a duplicate show effect. Consider a scenario where the operator has 1 controller and 4 firing modules labeled A, B, C, and D; when the Controller is set to channel 1, the operator controls firing module A, when the Controller is set to channel 2, the operator controls firing modules B and C, when the Controller is set to channel 3, the operator controls base unit D.

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