What are Show Settings in COBRA Show Creator?

COBRA Show Creator has a number of Show Settings that are used to both personalize and change specific functions of your show. Once you've created or opened a show, click on the Show Settings tab in the left-hand side menu of COBRA Show Creator to open up the Show Settings menu, which contains options that will help to set up different aspects of your show.



Show Name

Use this field to change your Show's name once it has already been created.

Show Date

Use this field to set your Show Date, which will appear in the My Shows menu, as well as on any Cue Reports generated in the Reports section.

Estimated Duration

The estimated show duration is used to generate the timeline for your show. The timeline will automatically increase by one-minute increments if an event's duration runs longer than the end of your estimated show duration.

Firmware Version

Select the Firmware Version you are running on your COBRA system. This will allow the Show Creator to create the correct script for the Firmware you're running. Selecting the wrong Firmware Version may cause the script to error when loading.

Trigger Channel

The Trigger Channel is the channel in which the 18R2 needs to be on in order to start the script. This value can be any channel from 1-99.

Trigger Button

The Trigger Button is the button that will be pressed to start the script. This button can be listed as 1-18, as well as the STEP or AUTOFIRE buttons.

Return Channel

The Return Channel is the channel the Remote resets to after the completion of the script. This value can be any channel from 1-99.

Use COBRA Audio Box

Selecting Yes will let Show Creator know you are intending to use the Audio Box. This will put the mp3 file name in the Audio Box argument section of your script file.

Deadman Button

By specifying the optional Deadman Button, the script will only fire if the deadman is being pressed. Once released, the script will stop firing. You can specify buttons 1-18 on the 18R2, or select Deadman if you're using the COBRA Deadman accessory.

Disable Firing

By specifying the optional Disable Firing button, you can disable firing while the script is running. The script will continue, but the firing modules won't fire. If you're using the Audio Box, the audio will continue too even if firing is disabled. To re-enable firing, press the Disable Firing button again.

Alternate Firing

By specifying the optional Alternate Firing button, you can definite alternate events in your script. An alternate event is a specific channel and cue combination you wish to fire to produce "filler" in a black sky situation. For example, if you're firing a pyromusical and a specific event (ex. a 45-second cake) fails to fire or ends prematurely. Simply press the alternate button on the 18R2 or Deadman accessory to fire the first of your defined alternate events. By pressing the button again later in the script, the next alternate event will fire until all alternate events are fired. Up to 18 events can be assigned to one of the two alternates.

Alternate Firing 2

A second Alternate Firing button allows you to choose between alternate events, without having to fire others before reaching the wanted effect.

Script Name

You can define an optional Script Name for display within the COBRA Control Panel. The script name has a maximum of 35 supported characters.

Audio Box Filename

In order to use the Audio Box, you must now specify the name of the Audio Box file. For example, Audiobox.mp3. The filename has a maximum of 12 characters and only alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9) are supported. The .mp3 file extension is optional. Firmware 5.0.x and newer supports custom Audio Box filenames.

SMPTE Timecode

Choose between the three SMPTE Timecode options: None, Timecode 1, and Timecode 2.

Timecode 1: The 18R2 will continue to fire even if the timecode is lost or the quality is too poor. This is recommended when receiving audio from an untrusted or 3rd party sound system source where you are concerned about possible signal deterioration causing your show to stop firing.

Timecode 2: The 18R2 will stop firing if the timecode is lost or the quality is too poor. If the timecode stops, fast forwards, or is rewound, the 18R2 will keep in sync with the timing. This is recommended when receiving audio from a trusted sound system source (such as COBRA Show Creator) where you may want to pause or resume the show from the sound system.

The timecode quality will report in both TEST and ARM mode, TC0-TC9. TC0 being the lowest quality and TC9 being the best. The timecode quality may start at zero, but adjust itself after a few seconds.

To learn more about COBRA SMPTE, see our SMPTE User Guide.


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