How do I Shift Cues in COBRA Show Creator?

If you want to move multiple Events at once by a specific amount of time, you can do so by using the Shift Cues feature in COBRA Show Creator. For example, if you've added another song in the middle of your Pyromusical, you can "shift" your cues by the length of that song, so that everything lines up with the music you had already scripted.

Once you find yourself with the need to Shift a number of cues by a specific amount of time, follow these steps to do so:

1. Highlight the cues that you would like to Shift, by holding the Shift Key, and clicking on the first and last cue you want to Shift. You should see all the cues highlighted in blue.


2. While continuing to hold the Shift Key, click on the Event Time for any of the selected events, this will open up the Edit Multiple Events window.


3. Insert the amount of time you would like the selected cues to be shifted in the shift for selected events field. 

You can shift cues to move them up toward the start of the show, by adding a "-" in front of the amount of time, or you can shift them further along in the show by just adding the number of seconds to shift, or by adding a "+" symbol.


4. Click Apply, and you will see that your Event Times have now shifted by the amount of time prescribed in the shift for selected events field. This can be done with any number of events, as many different times as needed.

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