Checking Signal Strength

Checking continuity ensures that the connection between the igniter and the cue on the module is strong and that the module and remote have a reliable connection to fire the pyrotechnic products. You can check continuity directly on the module or by using the 18R2 Controller.

Measuring link quality of firing positions

The controller and base firing modules are equipped with a link quality feature, which enables you to measure the signal strength of each firing position. Different from a general “in range” feature, which only measures whether receiving a signal is possible, the link quality feature measures the true strength of the signal between your controller and firing module or Audio Box.

To measure the link quality of each firing position, perform the following steps:

  1. Power on the controller and any number of firing modules or Audio Box devices. The controller will only measure signal strength in TEST mode. By default, the controller is in TEST mode when first powered on.
  2. Place the firing modules in their final desired shooting positions. Raising the modules off the ground a minimum of 30cm (or just under 1 foot) and extending the antennas straight up will maximize your signal strength. For close-range firing (less than 100-150m) with a direct line of sight, it is not required to raise the modules off the ground.
  3. You can test signal strength from either the controller or the firing module (explained below). COBRA measures link quality between 0 and -100, where 0 is perfect signal strength, and -100 is poor signal strength. If this value is between 0 and -75, then you will have no problem firing cues with a single button press. If the value is between -75 and -100, we recommend holding down the button when firing until you see the pyrotechnic fire. By holding down the button, a constant pulse of firing commands will be sent until the button is released.

Please note that when checking continuity in a mesh environment odd numbers (i.e. 63, 65, 67) are signal values reported from a module to module, and even numbers (i.e. 62, 66, 68) are remote to the module.

To test signal strength from the controller:

You can only test signal strength from the controller in the TEST position. To begin, set the controller to the desired channel you wish to measure. Press and release the SYNC button to display the signal strength value between 0 and -100 (see above for an explanation of this value). The signal strength of any module(s) set to this channel will display. This allows you to toggle between channels and view the signal strength of each position. If multiple modules are set to the same channel, it is recommended to test signal strength from the modules themselves since the controller only displays the last command received (randomly rotates between the modules on the same channel).

To test signal strength from the module:

Press and release the SYNC button to display the signal strength value between 0 and -100 (see above for an explanation of this value).

Note: Make sure to obtain a few readings and use the average number for your reading. Alter the position of the firing module to gain the best results. Higher placement with the best direct line of sight produces the best results. Once the best results are achieved, turn off the firing module and leave it in its current position and orientation. Repeat for any additional firing modules until all firing positions are confirmed.

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