Checking Continuity

Checking continuity ensures that the connection between the igniter and the cue on the module is strong and the pyrotechnic product will fire. You can check continuity directly on the module or by using the 18R2.

Check Continuity Using the 18R2 

Using the CH+ or CH- button on the 18R2 will toggle between modules allowing testing for continuity on each individual module for the selected channel.

  1. Press the CH+ or CH- button to reflect the desired module to be tested.
  2. The 18R2 displays a green LED indicator light for all cues with good continuity that are wired to the module synced to the channel selected on the controller.
  3. If a script is loaded, the 18R2 will show a red LED indicator light for all cues without continuity that is scripted for the show. If no script is loaded, no red light will be indicated.  Cycle through all modules to check for continuity by continuing to press the CH+ or CH- button.

Check Continuity across Multiple Modules Same Channel 

The COBRA firing system allows multiple modules to be set to the same channel. This is beneficial for manually fired shows with modules firing at the same time from multiple positions.

  1. Pressing the CH+ or CH - buttons will switch between channels, showing the continuity for the module or modules programmed to that channel. 
  2. If there are two modules with different cues wired, the 18R2 will show a solid green LED indicator light for each cue. If there are multiple modules on the same channel with mixed continuity the 18R2 will display a flashing green cue LED to indicate that one of the multiple modules on that channel does not have continuity.
  3. To differentiate between multiple modules on the same channel, the controller assigns a unique address to each module during the sync process. To see the address press and release the TEST button on the module and the address will display. Each module will display a unique address. On the 18R2, repeatedly pressing the TEST button will cause it to cycle back and forth between the modules, showing the address and the continuity for each.


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