COBRA Show Creator Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

The COBRA Show Creator version 1.5.0 release introduces a redesigned My Fireworks Section, as well as the ability to now organize fireworks into collections and manage their full fireworks database from the COBRA Portal.


Improved My Fireworks Section


The My Fireworks section now supports selecting between multiple user-defined Firework Collections, switching between a Grid and Table view, improved search functionalities, as well as the ability to sort by secondary columns with the ability to reorder them.

Firework Collections


Firework collections enable fireworks to be organized into multiple groups or buckets to allow for more refined searches and organization. All fireworks will be accessible from a default "All Fireworks" collection.

My Fireworks In COBRA Portal

My Fireworks can now be managed in COBRA Portal, including creating and adding fireworks to collections, and bulk updating/importing fireworks.



Create Events With Drag and Drop

The ability to drag and drop a My Firework or My DMX Effect onto the Events Table or Waveform has been added. Dropping one onto the Events Table will show a placeholder row where the event will be inserted while dropping one onto the Waveform will show the cursor at the time that the event will be inserted. Once the event is inserted, the My Firework or My DMX Effect is automatically applied to the new event. 


COBRA Show Creator Version 1.5.0 was released on November 2nd, 2023 (2023-11-2)


Incremental Build Updates

Build 2024.2.5.1

  • Added support for editing the hour place in the event time editor.
  • Improved the Waveform Event Drawers Hovered Event UI to include the hour place when needed.
  • Fixed an issue where after duplicating a show, and then editing its show date from show settings, it would update in show settings but not update in the My Shows UI.

Build 2024.5.23.1

  • Implemented an experimental fix for an issue where a few users were unable to download the audio file of their shows from the Export Menu.

Build 2024.7.9.1

  • Fixed an issue where Autoplay extensions would freeze the UI upon first load.
  • Fixed an issue where the COBRA Support chat widget icon was covering the right edge of the volume slider.
  • Improved the Find and Replace feature to allow for special characters.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a My Firework or My DMX Effect onto the waveform would result in that event not being highlighted during playback.
  • Minor UI improvements when dragging and dropping My Firework or My DMX Effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the My Firework and My DMX Effect drag and drop UI was not properly being removed from the UI.


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