Testing your MP3 Soundtrack

Before your shoot, it is imperative that you test your audio file in the Audio Box by performing a dry run. This process will ensure that your audio file is formatted correctly via Audacity. Simply using the test button on the Audio Box will not perform a true test as that button is designed for shoot site audio volume tests.

How to test your MP3 Soundtrack in the Audio Box

  1. Save the MP3 file to a USB drive. COBRA recommends the certified COBRA USB Drive. If you do not use this USB drive, you run the risk of issues such as skipping, poor audio quality or even having the audio stop mid-show. 
  2.  Place the USB drive into the Audio Box. 
  3. Plug one of the Audio Box audio outputs (Headphone, RCA, 1/4", Single XLR Unbalanced, or Dual XLR Balanced) into your sound system or a set of headsets/earbuds if you are performing a dry run test. To test the audio from the Audio Box, press and release the TEST AUDIO button. For optimal battery life, we recommend placing the audio volume knobs at about 80%.
  4. You should always dry-run your Audio Box with the 18R2 running script. Performing a dry-run will ensure your script file properly contains the Audio Box MP3 filename argument along with proper formatting through Audacity. 
  5. To dry-run your Audio Box with the 18R2, arm your 18R2 and go to the trigger channel, followed by pressing the trigger button you defined when creating your script. If you created your script using Finale Fireworks or Finale3D, your trigger channel is c00, and your trigger button is #1. When your script is executing, your audio should play loudly and clearly throughout and not skip or jump in any way.
  6. Now that you have tested your audio, you are ready for your actual show.
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