A) Battery Compartment

Supports 3 AA batteries. We recommend using only Energizer. Before any show, use a brand new fresh set of batteries.

B) Power On Switch

Power on the Audio Box with this switch. Once powered on, a red LED will illuminate on the switch.

C) USB Port

The port in which you place the USB drive containing your MP3 soundtrack. COBRA only recommends the COBRA Certified USB Drive for proper playback.

D) Audio Test Button and LED

By pressing this button, the Audio Box will play the soundtrack MP3 file. See Testing your MP3 Soundtrack. Please note this is designed for an audio test and is not recommended for testing if the audio file was formatted correctly for the Audio Box.

E) SYNC Button and LED

Use this button to SYNC the Audio Box to the 18R2 or place the Audio Box into Program Mode for updating the firmware.

F) Headphone, RCA, and 1/4" Output Ports

Option to use headphones, RCA, and 1/4" output ports. You can use one or more output ports at the same time.

G) Left and Right Volume Knobs

Adjust the volume output gains for the left and right independently. We recommend setting your levels to about 80%.

H) Optional XLR Outputs

COBRA offers optional Single Unbalanced XLR or Dual Balanced XLR outputs. 

I) Antenna Port

Connect your COBRA Omnidirectional antenna.

J) Charge Port

The port in which you charge the Audio Box internal LiPo battery. The Audio Box can charge with the same charger as the module and 18R2 LiPo. 

K) Main Display LCD Screen

Displays information such as battery levels, signal strength, address, and audio file information. See Viewing Main Display for more information. 


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