Viewing the Main Display

On the COBRA 36M and 72M firing module is an LCD screen used for communicating the system information. Below you will find an outline of what is displayed once the module has fully booted.



A - 1P and 2P Battery Levels
The 1P (operational) and 2P (firing cues) battery levels. P0 is the lowest battery level. P9 is the highest battery level.
B - Signal Strength 
The module signal strength. COBRA’s wireless signal range is measured in dBm (decibel-milliwatts). 0 is the best signal, -99 is the worst signal. Recommended 0 to -75 signal strength for reliable operation.
C - Voltage Mode
The module voltage mode values include 9.0 (9V batteries), 12.0, 14.8 (Internal LiPo), 18.0, or 24.0.
D – Bank
The currently selected bank. Press CHANGE BANK to toggle between banks.
E - Bank Channel
The current channel for the selected bank. Press and hold CH+ or CH- momentarily to change the channel. There is bump protection to protect against accidental channel changes, so a momentary press is required.
F - Module Address
The unique module address.
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