What is the difference between 18M hardware A and 18M hardware B?

After 6/1/2015 the supplier of the 18M transceiver was no longer able to supply the chip that was required for the 18M firing module. This caused COBRA to look for alternatives to supply the module with a transceiver.

This change in supplier caused two versions of the 18M module. The A and the B.

The B module is using the new RF200 or SM220 transceiver. This new transceiver supplied by Synapse has additional features that allow COBRA to add additional functionality.

The following notes the differences/limitations in functionality on 18M hardware A vs. hardware B:

Power Consumption - The 18M B hardware uses roughly 50% less operational power than A hardware.

Firing Resolution - The 18M B hardware can fire one cue after another at a firing resolution of 1/100th of a second whereas the 18M A can fire at 1/10th of a second resolution.

Script Re-firing and Variable Pulse Times - The 18M A hardware does not support re-firing of cues and variable pulse times with firmware version 6.0 or higher within the primary (first) script in the 18R2.
Hold to Fire - The hold to fire functionality is supported on all modules except 18M hardware A versions whereby the module will pulse the cue every 1/10th of a second vs. holding a constant firing pulse. 

In the future, the B version of the 18M may see additional features that will not be available to the A hardware. These features will come in firmware upgrades.

It is important to say that COBRA does everything possible to ensure that older hardware is still operational alongside new hardware and has no plans to phase out support for the older A 18M firing module.

To find out if you have an A module or B please see Hardware Hammered Out for more information.

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