Can I disable all modules or specific cues from firing while my script is running?

Yes, COBRA offers a few options for disabling general firing, individual modules, and groups of cues across modules while your script is running.

  • General Disabling - You can add a disable firing argument into your script header row. This argument is a button value (1-18) placed into column G. When pressed, this will stop all modules from firing, but allow the 18R2 and Audio Box to continue. The Show Controls feature of the COBRA Control Panel also has a button to disable firing, even if you don't have the script header argument defined.

  • Disable Individual Modules - You can enable or disable specific modules using the COBRA Control Panel (gen 2 version only). This feature is available only on firmware version 7.0 or higher. This feature is available in Menu > Show Controls > Disable Firing. Note that a script must be loaded on the remote in order for this feature to appear.

  • Disable Groups of Cues Across Modules - When scripting, you can assign a Disable Group value to any cue. This is defined in column G of the cobra.csv script file. This value can be a free-text value up to 64 characters for example "High Wind". Then, using the COBRA Control Panel (gen 2 version only), you can enable or disable these groups from Menu > Show Controls > Disable Firing. COBRA uses a technology called "masks" to support instant disabling or enabling of cue groups. You can have a total of 10 disable groups for any script.

For more information on enabling this feature, please see our 18R2 Creating and Uploading Scripts User Guide.

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