I'm pressing channel up, but the channel isn't changing

Q: How do I change the channel on my COBRA Firing System module?

A: Changing the channel on your COBRA Firing System module is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Identify the CH+ and CH- buttons on your firing module. These buttons are used to set the channel on your module.

  2. To change the channel, you need to press and hold either the CH+ or CH- button for about half a second. This "hold" is required due to the bump protection feature on COBRA modules, designed to prevent users from accidentally changing the channel while operating the unit.

  3. If you continue to hold the CH+ or CH- button, the module will cycle through the channels quickly.

The COBRA modules can be set to any channel between 00 and 199 for firmware version 6.0 or higher, and 00 to 99 for firmware version 5.1 or lower. 

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