How-to use the basic STEP Firing feature of the 18R and 18R2

Basic STEP firing is used for a simple show where a sequence of cues will be fired from a single module or multiple modules. Basic STEP firing does not support switching between modules or firing multiple modules at the same time as STEP scripting will. 

  1. Press the 18R or 18R2 CH+ or CH- to locate a specific module to fire.

Note: Each channel will display cue LED indicator lights representing available cues to fire. A green LED light indicates an igniter in that cue with good continuity. For the 18R you must press test to check for continuity while in test mode.

  1. Arm the 18R or 18R2, see Arming, Disarming, and Module Count for more information. 
  2. Press the STEP button to fire the first cue on the selected module.
  3. Press STEP again to fire cue number two. Press STEP again to fire cue number three, continuing to press STEP until the final cue or cue number eighteen, the last cue for that module, is fired.

Note: After the final cue is fired, the 18R and 18R2 will automatically increment itself to the next channel. The LED indicator lights on the 18R2 will then display cues available to fire on that module.

  1. Continue to press the STEP button until all modules and cues have fired. 
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