Can I operate the 18R2 without an antenna, if so, what is the range and will it damage the device?

In the event that an antenna is lost for the 18R2 controller, your COBRA firing system can still be operated without the use of the omnidirectional antenna.

When not using an antenna on the COBRA 18R2 controller you will experience severely decreased signal and in turn, range. But no damage to the firing system will happen if an antenna is not used.

With no antenna on the 18R2 controller, you can expect a range of 82 feet or 25 meters at a -75 dB signal.

One thing to note is that all antennas within the cobra system are interchangeable. Having said that, if you are not using a firing module an antenna can be taken from an 18M, 36M, 72M, or Audio Box and used on the 18R2.

If you need to replace an antenna, please see our Omnidirectional Antenna product page.

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