Powering On your 18R Controller

18R Power On

The controller uses three standard AA batteries and will operate actively for 15+ hours in day mode, 8+ hours in night mode (see Night and Day Mode), and 60+ hours in stand-by mode.


To power on the controller, insert the Key into the Key Switch clockwise to the ON position.




Upon powering on the controller, the current software version will display. For example, 5.0.2.


When powered on, the controller channel display shows current battery life as a range between P0 and P9 where P0 is no power, and P9 is full power. If the battery life is below P2, “lo” will blink on the 3-digit display every 15 seconds.

If the controller is inactive for more than 60 seconds (e.g., no buttons are pressed), the controller will automatically enter a power conserving standby mode whereby a dash (-) will blink every 3 seconds on the channel display. To awaken the controller from standby mode, press and hold the SYNC Button until awake.


Note: The controller will never enter standby mode when in FIRE mode to allow for a quick response when firing (see Insert and Test E-Match/Igniter Clips and ARM Firing Modules and Set to Firing Mode for more information about test and fire mode).


When the unit powers on, the following information displays:


Firmware Version

The 18R displays its firmware version first, such as, “5.0.2.” All devices synced together must use the same firmware version. To learn more about firmware versions and how to upgrade your system, at no cost, please see Firmware Figure Out.

Battery Life

The 18R displays the battery life range on a P scale, indicating a depleted battery with a P0 and full battery with a P9. CORRA recommends only Energizer AA batteries and has a life of up to 15hrs. The AA batteries power the entire controller including the RF module, LEDs, and 7-segment displays. As the battery level decreases, the amount of transmitting power is not reduced. For example, a controller at P1 has the same transmitting power as a controller with P9.

Note: The 18R displays “Lo” if the controller battery level is P3 or lower. If you see “Lo” followed by a 1P value, a channel, and an address, this is informing you a module or other device has a battery level of P3 or lower.


“tSt” displays as the 18R remote perform the following tests:

LED function – When the key of the 18R remote is turned on the red and green LEDs will flash briefly.

Shorted / stuck button – During the self-test, if any button is pressed a false-positive to the shorted / stuck button test will occur and error code Er3 will display. If Er3 displays, power the system off, then back on and do not press any buttons during startup.

Current Channel

The 18R current channel. (i.e. c01)

Module Count

After the 18R finishes starting up, the TEST LED will begin to blink if it recognizes any firing modules or other devices such as the Audio Box. Once all devices are identified, the total number of devices displays. For example, if you have three modules and one Audio Box, the number "4” will display. A 36M or 72M is recognized as only one device.

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