18R Controller Firing Modes

The 18R controller has the following three firing options: Manual, Step, and Sequence. When firing cues using any of these methods, the cue will shortly display red once fired and then go out. The 18R does not have firing memory like the COBRA 18R2.

Manual fire

Fire individual cues by pressing individual 1-18 buttons. By pressing an individual button, the associated cue is fired on all firing modules set to the currently selected channel. You can press buttons in any order desired.

Step fire

Step through cues 1-18 by pressing and releasing the STEP Button. By pressing STEP the first time, cue #1 is fired. By pressing it again, cue #2 is fired, etc.… until all 18 cues are fired. Once all 18 cues are fired, the channel ID will automatically increment by 1 reset back to cue #1. This allows you to step through continuous cues across multiple channels without delay. By turning the controller off and on, the STEP sequence is reset back to cue #1.


Automatically fire cues with a fixed time delay of 0.1 - 99 seconds. The automatic sequence can be for all 18 cues (1-18) or for a sub-set of cues such as cues 1-6 or 7-12, etc.… You can also sequence in the reverse direction such as from cue 6 to 1. The ability to set a varied time delay is not currently supported.

Note: Depending on when your 18R was purchased, the SEQ button either displays SEQ or AUTO-FIRE. For the purposes of this user guide, we will refer to the button as the AUTO-FIRE/SEQ Button.

To set the time-lapse on the controller, click the + and - buttons to increase or decrease the time delay by 0.1 seconds. To quickly increase or decrease the time lapse, hold down the + or - Buttons for more than one second. Then, release when the desired time lapse is reached. The 2-digit display will display the current time-lapse. For example, 0.1 = 0.1 seconds, 5.5 = 5.5 seconds, and 9.9 = 9.9 seconds.

To begin the firing sequence, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the AUTO-FIRE/SEQ Button at the bottom right-hand corner of the controller. “S” will display on the channel display requesting you enter the starting cue #.
  2. Press the starting cue # (e.g., 1), and “E” will display on the channel display requesting you enter the ending cue #.
  3. Press the ending cue # (e.g., 6) and “E06” displays on the channel display, informing you that the sequence will end firing on cue 6.
  4. Press the AUTO-FIRE/SEQ Button again to start the sequence. The sequence will automatically fire

Note: At any time during steps 1-4, if you wish to go back to the main firing mode, press and release the FIRE button.

To automatically continue the sequence across channels, hold the AUTO-FIRE/SEQ Button throughout the entire sequence. If the button is still held after the last cue is fired, the channel will automatically increment or decrement depending on the direction of the sequence, and the new sequence will begin.

Important! To force stop an automatic sequence, press and release the AUTO-FIRE/SEQ Button again while the sequence is running. This will stop the sequence on all firing modules set to the same channel and display “StP” on the controller channel display. You can also emergency stop a firing sequence by changing the controller to TEST mode. This will set all firing modules to TEST mode and will cease any firing.

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