COBRA Firmware Version 6.0.4 BETA Release

6.0.4/6.0.5 is a major BETA release available to individuals looking to help COBRA test new features, report any bugs, and offer feedback. When upgrading to 6.0.4/6.0.5, please also make sure to update the COBRA Control Panel to version 2.3.0.


DMX Support

COBRA now supports full DMX scripting using COBRA Show CreatorFinale3D, or Excel. Using a hard-wired DMX output for the 36M and 72M only, you can connect and control one or more DMX devices including lights, flame, cryo, and more using standard XLR cables.

COBRA DMX supports 99 unique DMX universes across 200 DMX channels. When scripting to DMX, you can control DMX output values (0-255) at variable durations, at 1/100th timing resolution. For more information on COBRA DMX, see Introduction to COBRA DMX.  

200 Channel / 3,600 Cue Support

COBRA now supports 200 channels (0-199) and 400 unique device addresses. This is supported across all devices including the 18R2, 6M, 18M, 36M, and 72M. The legacy 18R will continue to support only 100 channels (0-99) for a total of 3,600 scripted events or manually fired cues.

Scripted Event Re-firing and Variable Pulse Times

COBRA now supports re-firing cues across unlimited channels in the 18R2 primary (first) script. In addition, you can control how long a cue fires by specifying a pulse time per event. This is commonly used to control external devices, such as a flame projector, with an external input trigger. To learn more, see Re-Firing Cues and Pulse Times in Scripting.

Manual Hold to Fire

When pressing buttons to manually fire cues, the cue will fire as long as your finger is pressing the button. If your module is in Talon mode, the cue will fire for at least two seconds before turning off. For more information, see 18R2 Firing. The hold to fire functionality is supported on all modules except 18M hardware A versions whereby the module will pulse the cue every 1/10th of a second vs. holding a constant firing pulse.


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