COBRA Firmware Version 6.0.6 BETA Release

6.0.6 is a patch release to 6.0.3-6.0.5 to address a few issues in the 6.0.5 firmware. Only the 18R2 and 36M or 72M S19 files need to be updated in order to upgrade from 6.0.5 to 6.0.6.


18R2 Improvements and Fixes

For scripted shows only, when firing multiple cues on the same channel simultaneously, a module may not arm and fire in some cases. The user would know this as the module would not display in the 18R2 module arm count. This issue has been resolved and no longer occurs.

STEP events are no longer supported in scripts with SMPTE enabled. This is due to STEP events pausing the script, which conflicts with the design of SMPTE to continually fire as time progresses. If a SMPTE event is recognized in a STEP script while loading a script into the 18R2, error 57 is now displayed for each STEP event.

In rare cases, 18R2s would intermittently not initially SYNC a COBRA device. This has been resolved and no longer occurs.

In rare cases, pressing a button on the 18R2 could register as pressing two buttons on the 18R2. A critical fix to this was released in 2019. Out of an abundance of precaution, we added further protection against this use case to account for any tolerances due to a potential client report of the same issue.

DMX and STEP combination scripts were not showing correctly on the Control Panel. This issue has been resolved and will require the 6.0.6 firmware update as well as a Control Panel update.

When a script was running on the 18R2, the last channel/cue to fire was sometimes shown incorrectly. This has been resolved and no longer occurs.

Fixed a module acknowledgment issue that prevented modules from showing in the arm count.

Fixed an incorrect scripting error code that was shown when a script had values in column G of the script CSV file.

36/72M Improvements and Fixes

DMX Events can now be disabled when using the Disable Firing feature on the 18R2.

Refreshing the Device List on the Control Panel while in the armed state, caused the 36/72M from showing on the Device List. This has been resolved.

How to upgrade to 6.0.6?

  1. Download the S19 files attached to this article.
  2. Move the S19 files to your USB Drive.
  3. Insert the USB Drive into the 18R2 or 36M/72M while the unit is OFF.
  4. Hold SYNC and power on the unit.
  5. The LEDs on the 18R2 or 36M/72M will chase around the display for a few seconds.
  6. After the LEDs stop, power the unit off and back on again to confirm 6.0.6 has been successfully loaded onto the unit.
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