COBRA Firmware Version 3.0.3 Stable Release

Firmware 3.0.3 provides a few fundamental changes to the COBRA firmware running on your equipment. This release provides new features like enhanced wireless security, the ability to manually fire cues while your script is running, and more.

Major New Improvements

Manually fire cues while the script is running

Within this firmware release, the ability to fire cues manually while you are running a script has been made possible. While your script is running you can now change the channel on the COBRA 18R2 and fire individual cues to fill moments of black sky or to fire specialty items.

Please note that your 18R2 will still be changing channels to follow your script, this may make it difficult to fire a specific cue depending on how fast your timed events are occurring.

Reinforced wireless security

Firmware 3.0.3 has introduced an additional layer of security that encrypts your controller, firing modules, and Audio Box making them virtually invisible to anything other than the COBRA system they are synced to.

The added layer of protection was introduced as program mode. To learn how to sync your modules using 3.0.3 please see 18R2 Controller Synchronization

Fire multiple scripts without disarming

3.0.3 firmware has introduced the ability to fire multiple scripts without disarming your COBRA 18R2. In the past to fire another script you had to disarm the controller and re-arm. The new feature allows you to jump from one script to another without needing to go through the arming process. Reducing the time between firing multiple scripts significantly. To learn more about firing multiple scripts please see How do I create and load multiple scripts into the 18R2?

Minor Improvements

This firmware release also introduces a few minor improvements like the synchronization process, enhanced audio accuracy, improved sleep mode, and more.

  • Synchronization process change 
  • Audio accuracy 
  • 320k MP3 audio quality
  • Sleep mode efficiency improved by 25%
  • Manual AUTO-FIRE works past 12 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Sleep mode no longer displays backlight
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