How to Upgrade COBRA Firmware

The COBRA reprogramming software allows you to easily upgrade your COBRA equipment to the latest firmware. COBRA still offers direct download firmware files and access to the portal software by accessing

Please note that to Upgrade your COBRA Firmware, you will need to use the Wireless Regrogrammer with the COBRA Reprogramming Software.

Instructions to upgrade your COBRA equipment using COBRA Reprogramming Software

Step 1: Download the latest version of the COBRA Reprogramming Software

The COBRA Reprogramming Software, also known as CRS, can be downloaded from

During the installation process, a warning may be presented that this program has not been checked by Microsoft and may cause harm. This notification is being displayed because the COBRA Reprogramming software has not been signed by Microsoft. The software not being signed does not affect the security of the software, and you are safe to complete the installation.

The installation can be completed by pressing "learn more" followed by  "Run Anyway".

Step 2: Open COBRA Reprogramming software and select current firmware


Step 3: Select the desired firmware to be installed


Step 4: Select the hardware to be upgraded. You can upgrade up to 10 of the same modules at once.


Step 5: Place the device into program mode. Press next.


Step 6: CRS will make your devices discoverable.


Step 7: If needed. Put the equipment to be upgraded back into program mode by holding SYNC until you see the "P".

Step 8: CRS will scan for any devices of the same type that are in program mode. Once found, press next.


Step 9: CRS will install the desired firmware on your COBRA equipment.


Step 10: Once completed continue by pressing NEXT.


Step 11: If the firmware upgrade is for a 18R2, 36M, or 72M a processor upgrade file is required. Please ensure you are using a COBRA-certified USB drive and complete the on-screen instructions.


Step 12: Select the appropriate USB drive.


Step 13: Click copy, then click ok.


Step 14: Please complete the on-screen instructions.


Step 15: The firmware upgrade is now complete. Verify that the upgrade has successfully been applied to your COBRA equipment by power cycling your device.


For any additional assistance please contact us at

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