Executing a DMX Script using the 18R2

Executing a DMX script using the 18R2 is the exact same process as executing a script using the 18R2. However, it's important to understand how DMX scripts are uploaded to the 36m and 72M firing modules. This process can take time and techniques are available to allow for rapid arming and executing of DMX scripts.

Loading Script Data to the 36M/72M Firing Modules

Since DMX scripts can contain high quantities of events, the 18R2 will load all DMX events into any 36M or 72M whose assigned DMX universe matches any event with the same DMX universe. For example, if a 36M is set to DMX universe 1, it will download all events from the 18R2 whose DMX universe is also set to 1. While events are loaded into the 36M, the LCD display will show the current progress as shown below. This process occurs when arming the 18R2 while the 36M/72M modules are also on and armed. Please note that the DMX Universe cannot be changed while the 36M/72M is armed. 


After DMX events are loaded to the 36M/72M module, they are saved into a special flash memory chip that remembers the script data even if the firing module is powered off or the batteries are removed. This happens in real-time while the 36M/72M modules are arming and depending on the number of DMX events, this can take several minutes. The benefit of saving this data to flash is to avoid having to re-send the DMX events to the modules at a later point if the modules are powered off. Once the entire DMX script for the associated universe is saved to the 36M/72M module, the process for arming the modules from the 18R2 takes only a few seconds or the same amount of time to arm a normal pyro script.

Preparing for a DMX Show in Advance

In order to allow for rapid arm time in advance of a show, make sure to load the DMX script from the 18R2 into the 36M/72M modules in advance. You can perform this by arming all 36M/72M modules w/ DMX you plan to use during your show. Then, after loading your final script into your 18R2, power on your 18R2 alongside your 36M/72M modules and watch the DMX script fully load into each module. This will display as a progress bar on the 36M/72M module. In addition, you can also view the current script information including script filename, date, and the number of events within the 36M/72M startup sequence as shown below.


Starting your DMX Script using the 18R2

Executing a DMX script using the 18R2 is the exact same process as executing a script using the 18R2. Arm the 18R2 and wait for all devices to appear in the device count. Once the total number of devices is displayed, press the trigger button on the trigger channel defined in your script.

Dry Running your DMX Script

In order to fully understand your equipment, we highly recommend performing a dry run of your script using your 18R2 and DMX devices you plan to use during your show. This will ensure your DMX equipment is configured and running properly along with your 18R2 and 36M/72M DMX-enabled modules.

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