Check Signal Strength

Signal strength is the quality of the signal received by the module from the remote or another device that is participating in the MESH network; MESH Networking is available in firmware version 5.0 and higher. For more information about signal strength and MESH technology, see Signal Strength Simplified.

To test the signal locally from the 6M:

  1. Power on the 6M by placing the slide switch in the TEST or ARM position
  2. Once the device completes the startup sequence, by pressing and releasing the SYNC button, the signal strength will display as a dB value. A signal strength of between 0 and -75 is best for reliable communication.

When using COBRA Mesh on firmware 5.0.X or newer an even signal number (eg. -62) is signal strength reported from remote to the module. Odd numbers (eg. -21) reported during a signal test means the numbers are reported from module to module within mesh.

In addition to testing signal strength locally from the module, you can also test signal strength from the 18R2. See 18R2 Check Signal Strength for more information.

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