How to use the AUTO FIRE feature of the 18R and 18R2

AUTO FIRE is a feature that allows the execution of firing sequences with a fixed time delay between each cue. For example, if module one needs to fire cues one through twelve with a half-second delay between each, auto fire can be used to customize the starting and ending cues, as well as the timed delay. Auto fire is not a replacement for full scripting.


  1. Insert key into the 18R2 key switch and turn clockwise to ON position to power on the remote.
  2. Insert key into the module key switch and turn to the ARM position to power on the module. The firing module must be in the ARM position.
  3. Allow both the 18R2 and module to complete the startup sequence. The startup sequence is complete when the device displays the channel, for example, “c00". 
  4. Press AUTO FIRE to set the starting cue of the sequence.
    • “S” will display, representing the starting cue.
  5. Select the starting cue number by pressing the corresponding Cue Button (1-18).
    • The starting cue will be displayed as “S01” indicating cue one, for instance.
  6. Press the ending CUE Button (1-18) to set the ending cue for the sequence.
    • The ending cue will be displayed as “E12” indicating the end cue being twelve.
  7. Use the + and/or - buttons to adjust the timing delay from one-tenth of a second (0.1) up to ninety-nine seconds (99) between each cue. The timing delay is shown in the bottom 7 segment display.
  8. To execute the sequence, press the AUTO FIRE button.
    • Holding the AUTO FIRE button throughout the sequence will allow the 18R2 to automatically increment the cues on that channel. 

Note: The starting cue may be higher than the ending cue; the starting cue can be set to twelve and the ending cue set to one. Holding the AUTO FIRE button will decrement the channel automatically. Pressing AUTO FIRE again will stop the current sequence and will be shown as Stp on the 7-segment display.

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