How does the 18R2 operate in cold and hot weather conditions?

The 18R2 has a wide degree of acceptable operating temperatures and can operate in as low as -40°F (-40°C) and up to 130°F (54°C). Please note that battery life will degrade on the remote in colder temperatures. 

There are a few things that can be done to allow your COBRA firing system to perform the best in colder temperatures. One of the recommendations is to use fresh and more importantly warm batteries prior to shows fired in extremely cold temperatures. This means removing the batteries or using a chemical-based hand warmer pad to keep the batteries warm when they cannot be removed from the system to be kept warm.

Please note that due to limitations in battery chemistry technology in extremely cold temperatures your firing current may be reduced thus limiting the number of igniters you can fire on one cue. Please see below for more information.

  • If it's between 0° and 32°F (-18° and 0°C) please don't fire more than two e-matches / Talons/Clip-on Igniters in parallel or four e-match in series. This applies to both LiPo and 9V batteries.
  • If it's below 0°F (-18°C), please don't fire more than 1 e-match or Talon/Clip-on Igniter per cue.
  • If you are using LiPo batteries and it's below freezing, please check the batteries to see if they have a "V-C" or "V-D" displayed in the bottom corner of the white label. If this does not exist, your batteries are not rated for extreme cold. Please email us and we can offer some suggestions on how to resolve.

When operating in extreme heat you can cover the modules to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that the module is getting. No additional precautions are needed.

If you do have further questions please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 518-741-4300.

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