Audio Box Maintenance

While not required to maintain your COBRA Limited Lifetime Warranty, here are a few recommended maintenance tips for your COBRA Audio Box.

  • Remove batteries, inspect contacts to ensure no corrosion or visual damage.
  • The COBRA Audio Box only charges the LiPo battery to 85%. By doing this, the battery can withstand higher charge cycle quantities, and you don't run the risk of reducing the overall charge cycles by storing it at a 100% charge. For optimal storage, we recommend discharging the battery to about 50%; however, if you do not discharge the LiPo, you will see a negligible impact on charge cycles and battery life performance.
  • Confirm battery contacts are bowed out at a similar distance and that the batteries snap in tightly.
  • Check all buttons to confirm none are sticking and that they bounce back after release.
  • Check all LEDs to confirm normal operation.
  • Check the antenna connector confirming no corrosion or damage. Ensure the antenna screws on smoothly, and the antenna connector does not rotate freely.
  • Confirm the USB connector or other audio connectors are working properly and don’t show any visual damage.
  • Confirm the battery door snaps on and snaps off correctly.
  • Store in a dry, room temperature environment.
  • Confirm signal strength, at ~30m, raised up ~1m, you should see between -35 and -45dB on average.
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