What are all of the header row attributes in a script?

While creating your COBRA script file it is important to familiarize yourself with the script header row. The header row is comprised of various script attributes that a responsible for various features of the COBRA Firing System.


  • Trigger Channel (optional) - The channel the remote should be set to when pressing the Trigger Button (explained below). Values can be 00 to 99.
  • Trigger Button - The button you press to start the show. Values can be 1-18, STEP, or AUTO-FIRE.
  • Deadman Button (optional) - In version 5.0 or higher, if you plan on using the COBRA Deadman, enter "deadman" into this field, without the quotes. You can alternatively use values 1-18 as a deadman button. The user is then required to press and hold the defined deadman button for the script to run. In version 4.0 or lower, this is the Confirmation Button, which the user must press after pressing the trigger button to start the script. 
  • Return Channel - The channel the 18R2 returns to after finishing the script.
  • Audio Box Filename (optional) - The Audio Box filename including the .mp3. In firmware version 5.1 and higher, the filename can be up to 45 characters long, including the .mp3 extension. In firmware version 6.0 and higher, the filename can be up to 31 characters long, including the .mp3 extension.  In firmware version 5.0.2 or lower, the filename can be up to 12 characters including the .mp3 extension.
  • Script Name (optional) - The script name. This field is helpful if you have multiple scripts in your 18R2 and you are using the COBRA Control Panel to select a script.
  • Disable Firing Button (optional) - The button you press to cause the modules to stop firing; however, the script will continue along with the audio. Values can be 1-18. You can also use the COBRA Control Panel to disable firing even if this button is not defined.
  • Alternate Firing Button 1 (optional) - The button to fire the next Alternate 1 event. Values can be 1-18.
  • Alternate Firing Button 2 (optional) - The button to fire the next Alternate 2 event. Values can be 1-18. 
  • SMPTE (optional) - The script argument is for the support of SMPTE timecode1 and timecode2. For more information on SMPTE sensitivity options, see SMPTE Sensitivity Options

Please see the 18R2 Example Script Template for a sample.

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