How many channels/cues can I fire at the same time across multiple modules?

Firmware 3.0.0 and higher support unlimited channels/cues at the same time. Firmware versions  2.1.1 and lower are limited to two channels in any 0.4s time window. However, firmware 5.1.1 has this limitation reduced by allowing for script selection in the COBRA Control Panel, explained below.

If you have multiple scripts in your script file, you may see ER22. This is because the unlimited channel support is restricted to the first script in the cobra.csv file. Any script after the first has the same limits as versions 2.1.1 and lower. To get around this restriction, it is recommended to place your scripts in the order they will be fired and separate each script by a STEP event, effectively turning it into a single script file.

For more information on loading multiple scripts into the 18R2, see How do I create and load multiple scripts into the 18R2?

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