I am experiencing failures when firing Talon/Clip-On Igniter clips, please help.

Please find a listing of the most common reasons you may have failures with Talon/Clip-on igniter clips.

Module not in Talon/Clip-On Igniter Mode

Please make sure your module is in Talon/Clip-on Igniter mode. This means that the module will send electricity through the cue for a full 2 seconds instead of 0.1 seconds for e-match mode. See What is the difference between e-match and Talon/Clip-On Igniter mode?

Clip the Talon/Clip-On like a clothespin over a clothesline

Do not insert or "thread" the fuse into the side of the Talon/Clip-on Igniter clip. Instead, clip the Talon/Clip-on Igniter over the fuse like a clothespin over a clothesline, or like an alligator biting down on a stick as shown in the video below.

Use Energizer 9V batteries

Make sure you are using Energizer 9V batteries. You can use the standard Energizer or Energizer max brands. Do not use Energizer lithium or any other brand. Duracell brand batteries will work, but they are more prone to manufacturing defects where they don't produce enough current (Amps) to get the internal filament hot enough. Do not use non-name brand batteries such as those found in dollar stores or other discount sources. This is very important as Energizer carries the highest quality and most power for firing Talon/Clip-on Igniter clips.

Make sure you have two seconds between firing Talons/Clip-On Igniters on the same module

A Talon/Clip-on Igniter clip requires a longer pulse to fire. If you try to fire cues at a frequency/cadence faster than one cue every two seconds, you will run the risk of a subsequent Talon/Clip-on Igniter not firing.

Secure your Talons/Clip-On Igniters down after clipping onto the fuse and avoid jostling the connection

After connected, frequent jostling or movement may cause the Talon/Clip-on Igniter filament to lose a good connection on the fuse. Make sure to tape down the Talon/Clip-on Igniter onto the firework such as the surface of the cake after installing.

Never wire Talons/Clip-On Igniters in series, only in parallel

When wiring multiple Talon/Clip-on Igniter clips into the same cue, always wire them in parallel and not in series. For more information, see Continuity Clarified for an explanation of series vs. parallel wiring. You can also watch the video below.

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