Assembly Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of the COBRA Command Center. There are a few steps that are required to complete before your new Command Center will be up and running. Please see the tools needed support document before getting started.

If at any point in the installation of your COBRA 18R2 or any optional Command Center accessories please reach out to

Step 1:  Remove the four corner screws from the back of the controller enclosure, and disconnect the USB harness from the 18R2 Controller. 



Step 2: Disconnect the key switch harness from the controller, unscrew the key switch nut to remove the key switch. 




Step 3: Remove the antenna connector nut, push the connector through the hole.  




Step 4: Remove the two screws from the front of the controller enclosure and remove the 18R2 faceplate. 



Step 5: Drill four pilot holes from the front of the controller enclosure in the center of the guideposts for the controller mounting screws. 



Step 6: Remove the six perimeter screws from the Command Center faceplate. 




Step 7: Set the controller enclosure in place underneath the Command Center faceplate, and fasten the controller mounting screws in the four corner holes. 




Step 8: Connect the controller USB and controller power harnesses, and controller switch shunt to the 18R2, as shown below: 




Step 9: Connect the other end of the controller USB harness to CN1 (“18R2”) on the OTG board. 




Step 10: Connect the other end of the controller power harness to CN5 on the Powerboard. 




Step 11: Connect the USB end of the booster power harness to CN3 on the Powerboard. 




Step 12: Connect barrel plug of booster power harness to the booster. 




Step 13: Feed the tablet OTG/Charge har-ness through the top grommet on the    Command Center faceplate. 




Step 14: Connect the micro USB end of the tablet OTG/Charge harness to CN7 




Step 15: Connect the antenna connector cable from the 18R2 to the booster. 




Step 16: Connect the antenna connector cable from the Command Center to the other end of the booster. 




Step 17: Connect the charge LED harness to CN9 on the Powerboard. 




Step 18: Connect the Command Center key switch harness to CN7 on the Powerboard. 



Step 19: Install six perimeter screws back onto the Command Center faceplate. 



Step 20: Mount tablet to the tablet holder, and connect the tablet OTG/Charge harness to the tablet. 

Congratulations! You have now finished assembling your COBRA Command Center!
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