How many e-match/MJG initiators/Talons/Clip-on Igniters can I fire in series or in parallel?

When designing your display it is important to take into account the firing maximums of your COBRA module. The maximum of igniters your module can fire depends on the type of igniters, the power source used, and the length of shoot wire or slat cables used.

The following chart outlines the max fire of the COBRA 18M firing module when the igniters are connected directly to the module itself.

For additional information on the number of igniters that can be fired at length please reach out to for support.

Maximum # of Igniters by Power Source

  Energizer 9V* LiPo Battery External 12-24V Input**
Talon/Clip-on Igniter--Max per cue 2-Parallel 4-Parallel 5-Parallel
MJG & E-match--Max per cue 8-Series, 5-Parallel 9-Series, 9-Parallel 16 -Series, 12-Parallel

*COBRA only recommends the Energizer 9V battery brand

** When using external input, the values above assume a 24V source with peak current discharge of 10 amps.

Please see Continuity Clarified for additional information on series and parallel.

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