What types of external power do COBRA Modules support?

COBRA supports external 12-24V DC input. If you are using external power, you will need to set the module to the correct Voltage Mode so the module is aware of the input voltage in order to properly display battery levels.  See the How to - Voltage Mode video below for more assistance in changing this setting.

Each module supports 12, 18, and 24V external input voltages. For 12 or 24V voltages, you can use a standard high current battery such as a motorcycle, car or marine battery. Most important is that the battery can supply a peak current of at least 10 amps. For the 18V voltage mode, we suggest a 5S, 18.5V LiPo battery sold on Amazon.com or other remote control vehicle websites. These batteries are compact, generate high levels of current, and have substantial battery life. Note that the 18M hardware A draws about 50mA and the 18M hardware B draws about 25mA. The 36M and 72M draw about 50mA. This additional information will help if you are looking to calculate the overall battery life.

Below is a chart that shows what P-Value you can expect to see when using different voltage modes and external power sources.

12V Mode   18V Mode   24V Mode
Voltage P-Value   Voltage P-Value   Voltage P-Value
12.1+ 9   20+ 9   25.5+ 9
12.05 8   19.95 8   25.45 8
11.9 7   19.55 7   25.2 7
3 6   19.25 6   25.05 6
11.6 5   18.9 5   24.8 5
11.45 4   18.5 4   24.65 4
11.35 3   18.2 3   24.45 3
11.2 2   17.85 2   24.25 2
11.05 1   17.5 1   24.05 1
10.95 0   17.15 0   23.85 0


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