COBRA Firmware Version 6.1.1 Critical Release

The 6.1.1 critical release includes a patch to the 18R2 that prevents modules from firing if the script's first event is a STEP event and all other events in the script are timed events. If your script has any more than two STEP events, the script will fire normally. This issue was discovered by the COBRA team and was not reported by any customer.

To update your 18R2, please follow the following simple steps:

  1. Download the 6.1.1 cobra.s19 file attached to this article.
  2. Place cobra.s19 file into the root direction of a USB drive.
  3. Insert USB drive into the 18R2 while off.
  4. Hold SYNC and power on 18R2. The LEDS will circle as the firmware is updated.
  5. Once done, the unit will re-start and 6.1.1 will appear. Remove the USB drive.
  6. You can re-start the 18r2 to re-confirm 6.1.1 appears.
  7. You are done and the patch has been successfully applied.
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