COBRA Firmware Version 7.0.1 BETA Release

The COBRA 7.0.1 BETA release introduces some larger new features as explained below. Please note that several of these features including module and event group disabling, and multiple script firing are paired with the COBRA Control Panel Gen 2, explained further below in this update.


Module and Event Group Disabling

The COBRA Control Panel Gen 2 supports the ability to disable individual modules or groups of pyro cues across multiple modules. To disable an individual module, you can tap the Disable Firing button from the Show Controls and select one or more modules to disable or enable. To define a disable group for an event, you can use column E to enter a text value up to 64 characters including letters and numbers only. If you are using COBRA Show Creator, you can define a disable group within the event as a new standard feature. Finale3D also supports disable groups using the Hazard Class feature.

Multiple Script Support (PYRO and DMX)

The 18R2 and COBRA Control Panel Gen 2 support unlimited channel / cue firing across all scripts and full DMX support for all module hardware with the exception of 18MA units. Prior to this improvement, only the first (primary) script in the cobra.csv file would allow you to fire unlimited channels / cues at the same time or support DMX. All subsequent scripts had a limitation of firing no more than 2 channels in a 0.4s time window and could not support DMX. With 7.0, this restriction has been removed as all scripts have full support for unlimited channels / cues and DMX. In addition, with the release of the new Gen 2 COBRA Control Panel, we have introduced both a dropdown to choose which script to fire and a new QuickFile Scripts section which allows for one button press firing of any script. Within the Control Panel settings, you can also enable or disable confirmation of firing to support rapid firing of scripts.

Enhanced Security Mode

Over the last few years, COBRA has worked closely with several experts in wireless security as an ongoing effort to detect vulnerabilities and to prevent malicious attacks. While our existing security is encrypted and employs a number of techniques to prevent hacking, we did identify several areas that contained vulnerabilities that needed addressing. In this release, we have improved our encryption and employed several other methods for increased security within a new enhanced security mode. To toggle the security mode on your remote or module, hold either channel + (enhanced) or channel - (basic) when powering on the unit. Please note that unfortunately hardware A 18M units are unable to support this enhanced security mode.


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