What is the range of the COBRA system, and how can I improve it?

The COBRA transceivers have a range of several miles; however, we advertise a base range of around 500 meters (~1,600 feet) with a direct line of sight. In addition, using MESH technology and other signal improving techniques, you can achieve several miles and more if required.

COBRA offers several optional accessories to help dramatically improve your range; the COBRA Booster and the COBRA DISH.  The standard antenna is omnidirectional and allows the signal to transmit 360° around the antenna like a light bulb might project light. For visual purposes, imagine the luminosity of a 50-watt light bulb; using the Booster to amplify allows the 50-watt bulb to shine as a 200-watt bulb might.  The DISH antenna focuses the signal in one path, dependent on where you point it, the same as a flashlight directs a light bulb beam in a single direction.

If you are looking for an overall improved signal, COBRA recommends the Booster. However, if you are simply trying to transmit in one direction for greater lengths, such as several miles, we recommend the Dish. We also suggest combining the Booster and the Dish for optimal performance over longer distances.

In addition to the Booster and DISH, COBRA's latest firmware version 5.0.2, and higher includes MESH technology, which allows all devices to act as an individual repeater. MESH Technology is the ultimate range tool since you can use it to bounce around barriers and utilize other COBRA modules to hop several kilometers if needed.    

For more information on signal strength and MESH technology, please see Signal Strength Simplified and What is MESH and how does it work?

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