What are the general features/benefits of the Control Panel?

Control Panel is a graphical user interface into the 18R2 remote. The COBRA Device List feature, which we offer for free, allows you to see all of your modules on one screen and displays continuity, battery level, and signal strength of all your devices. The Device List even displays what should be plugged into each cue on each channel for your scripted shows.

The Manual Firing interface, available with  Control Panel Pro, is an advanced manual firing interface with a built-in show history, large show clock and can be used to fire during a script.

The Show Controls interface, also available with Pro, is a detailed view of your show as it's firing. This interface can be used to see the time remaining in your script, what event(s) are firing next, and more. You can also start, pause, and even jump to specific sections of the script.

The final feature of Control Panel Pro is the Field Map which allows you to use a Google Earth image and drag and drop modules to your field. If a module has an exception, it appears as red; tap on the module to see what the exception is so you can quickly resolve it.

The more firing modules you have in your show, the more useful the Control Panel becomes; when you exceed 5 to 10 modules, we highly recommend using the Control Panel.

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