What does the SMPTE time code quality feed represent?

The TC value indicates the quality of the incoming SMPTE audio as a percentage, i.e., 0 is 0-9%, 1 is 10-19%, and so on up to 9, which is 90-100%. This quality value is determined by analyzing all received time code frames of the SMPTE audio and counting the number of valid frames and invalid frames. Good frames cause the value to increase (to a maximum of 100), and bad frames cause it to decrease (to a minimum of 0). 

An invalid frame is one in which any of the fields converted from the audio is not in the proper range (e.g., a letter or other symbol in the seconds' field), or has the incorrect number of total bits for a typical frame. An invalid frame would indicate that the audio quality is not clear enough to correctly detect the time code bits.

We recommend that you have a time code quality of at least 7. If you suspect you may have a weak time code value, we recommend that you use the time code argument of timecode1 in the header (column J) in the COBRA script file. By using this argument, if the time code is lost or the quality is too weak, the remote will continue to fire and not stop/pause the show whereas timecode2 will pause when the feed is lost or severely degraded.

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