Can the 6M fire cues other than 1-6? Can it fire cues 7-12 or 13-18?

All of the COBRA firing modules are built around groups of 18 cues and the 6M is no different.

While the COBRA 6M is a 6 cue module you can assign it to any group of 6 cues within the 1 to 18 cue block. For example, by default, the 6M is programmed to display its cues as cues 1 to 6. With this, when checking continuity on the 18R2 you will see, for example, channel 1 cues 1 to 6 with continuity. But let us say you had 2 COBRA 6M modules and you wanted to easily fire 12 cues (6 on each module) without changing the channel. Well, you can do that. 

To assign a COBRA 6M to cues 7 through 12 hold down the TEST button and push CH+ or CH- to cycle through the groups of cues. The module will display 1, 7, or 13. This number represents the starting cue for the 6 cue bank.

With knowing this, if you had 3 COBRA 6M firing modules you could assign one to channel one group 1, another to channel 1 group 7, and the last to channel 1 group 13. This would have all 3 modules on the same channel occupying cues 1 through 18.

This feature is handy for movie shoots where the 6M will be used to simulate bullet hits. The SPFX operator can easily assign the modules to the same channel and their corresponding cue group and use the 18R2 and 18R auto fire sequence to quickly fire cues 1-18 on all three COBRA 6M modules.

During the startup sequence, the 6M will display the group of cues that it is assigned to. Please see the startup sequence guide for more information.

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