How many e-match/Talons/Clip-on Igniters can the 36M/72M fire when wiring in series or parallel?

The number of igniters that can be used on a single cue depends on the type of igniter, the length of wire, and the wiring technique used to connect the igniters to the module.

Seen below is a simple chart with the theoretical maximums that a module can fire. These numbers are based on the igniters being connected directly to the module without slats, or any time if igniter extension method being used.

Maximum # of Igniters by Power Source

  Energizer 9V* LiPo Battery External 12-24V Input**
Talon/Clip-on Igniter--Max per cue 2-Parallel 4-Parallel 5-Parallel
MJG & E-match--Max per cue 8-Series, 5-Parallel 9-Series, 9-Parallel 16 -Series, 12-Parallel

*COBRA only recommends the Energizer 9V battery brand

** When using external input, the values above assume a 24V source with peak current discharge of 10 amps.

Please see Continuity Clarified to determine maximums based on the varying factors.

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