I am getting an error code when starting the 18M, how do I solve this?

Your COBRA 18M firing module is designed to display an error code when the module is not operating as expected. Please see a list of the possible codes your 18M module could display.

Er1 (Error 1)


Er2 (Error 2)

Power voltage issue



Er1 or Er2 can display for a variety of reasons. Please perform the following to resolve the issue.


2P Battery Orientation / Contacts / Power - If you are using 9V batteries and are seeing a normal 1P value, but the 2P value is 0, first check the 9V battery orientation to ensure the 2P batteries are both facing in the correct direction. Make sure each battery contact is pressing firmly against the battery tabs. If you still see 2P0, replace the two 9V batteries to see if this resolves the issue.


Voltage Mode - The module voltage mode may be incorrect. To change the voltage mode, press TEST and CH+ or TEST and CH- to set to the desired voltage mode. For 9V batteries, the desired mode is 9.0. For the standard COBRA LiPo battery, the desired mode is 14.8. For more information on the voltage mode, see What is voltage mode?


Bad Cue - While rare, it's possible a cue is bad. This will typically display only when a cue is wired and 2P0 will display when powering up. If you remove all wires and the error code goes away, you can wire the module cue by cue and power up each time to determine the defective cue.

Er3 (Error 3) - Stuck keypad


A button is pressed while the module was powering on. Make sure that no buttons are being pressed or stuck during the boot-up process. Restart the device.

Er5 (Error 5) - Module firmware does not match controller


The firmware of the module does not match the controller.


When synced, the module firmware must match the 18R2 firmware. When powering on the 18M and 18R2, the firmware is the first piece of information to display. For example, 5.0.2.


In rare cases, Er5 can display incorrectly when syncing an 18M to an 18R Controller (currently discontinued). If this occurs, re-sync the 18M, and this error should go away.


For more information on firmware versions, see Firmware Figured Out.

Er7 (Error 7) – Calibration error


The calibration value is outside of the accepted range. Please contact us at help@cobrafiringsystems.com for assistance.

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